Vivian's H&M Trial!

Who: Vivian
What: H&M Wedding Trial
Where: San Jose Home Studio

It was so much fun to have Vivian back in my makeup chair! This time though, we were creating her bridal look instead of her bridesmaid look :) Yes, so in fact, I had worked on Vivian before as she was a BM for her friend Valerie's wedding. Click here to see that post. The trial was fun and comfortable, and I especially loved how Vivian let me do whatever I wanted with her look! What a treat :) She also had a super fun story about how she and her fiance met.

Before and After #1

Before and After #2

Eyes open, eyes closed

Makeup Focus
- Overall flawless face complexion
- Clean, shaped brows
- Enhance eyes for "pop"
- Tone down naturally red lips to a more nude look
- Healthy glowing blush


Vivian requested something off to the side with some romantic curls. She also knew she'd probably have some kind of hair accessory like a flower to add in on her special day. 

Before and After #1 (Back)
Vivian's hair length was really good for this look. I would not recommend going any shorter for this side pony, otherwise hair extensions may be needed to create the cascading effect the right way.

Before and After #2 (Profile)
I had some flowers on hand that we could try out to get a better idea of placement and feel. Turns out two was better than one!

Updo process highlights
1: Use straightener to create voluminous body and curls, especially on bottoms of hair. (Vivian has a lot of hair!)
2: Tease crown, pin in place
3: Create swirls with hair from side swoop and pin, keeping in mind eventual placement of flowers
4: Adjust flowing, romantic curls off to side pony

Different Angles

I loved seeing you again Vivian! I'm so glad that you came back :) I love the look we created for you and can't wait to help you get ready on your big day!!!
Of course, bringing BMs along is always more fun :) Thanks for coming Valerie and Audrey! You guys were so supportive of Vivian. I enjoyed the time with you ladies as well!

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