Jenny and Eric's Wedding

UPDATE 7.22.09: Check out Jennifer Quen's blog for more photos on this event!

What: Jenny and Eric's Wedding
When: January 24, 2009
Where: Pleasanton

This was one of the most fun experiences I have had as a makeup artist! Jenny really showed her true nature and humility. Even though she was the bride, she kept on checking with others if they were okay, if they wanted anything to drink or eat...I thought that was so endearing. The atmosphere was full of happiness with friends, relatives, photographers, videographers, and a whole bunch of other people coming in and out of the hotel room in preparation for the big day.

My first client was the mother of the bride, Elaine. So cool! Completely relaxed and a really a good sport for trusting me with her makeup look for the day. I enjoyed the conversation with her and see how she has rubbed off so well on her daughter.

Before and After

Action shots!

Next, Jenny sat down for her makeup application. Again, a total pleasure to work with...

Before and After

Action shots:

Flawless skin and a happy smile

Fake lashes! Please consider them if you're a bride...they do wonders!

Lips, products, and cheeks

It was also nice applying makeup for the mother of the groom. Although I do not have photos to show you, she was an absolute sweetheart and really came alive when we started talking about dan-tats and guy-mey-bao's!


Jenny and Eric, wishing you two a new life together full of love, blessings, happiness, and everything else that comes naturally when you marry your best friend :)

* Thank you Honey for coming with me, supporting me, and helping to take these photos!

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Katina's Wedding Day Trial!

It was neat to have Katina come in for a wedding makeup trial. During a trial, it's almost natural that I would ask how the bride and groom met. But this particular case was a bit different...I've know Katina since she was born! :) I used to teach her Sunday School! It was special to hear her story and see how God has blessed her throughout her life.

Katina wanted a very natural look with minimal makeup

Before and After with glasses

Before and After without glasses

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