Olivia's Wedding Hair & Makeup Trial!

Who: Olivia
What: Wedding Hair and Makeup Trial
When: Saturday, January 12

What a pleasure it was to have Olivia in my makeup studio this past Saturday! She arrived with Michael (fiance), and we had a blast creating her wedding look together. We know one another through church, and what's been really fun is seeing the two of them grow as a couple, and being able to see and hear of how it all began. They are so cute :)


Please excuse the lighting in the before and after photos, the sun had moved! I need to work on my photography skills!
Before and After #1

Before and After #2

Before and After #3

Eyes open, eyes closed
Olivia requested a more natural lip look, but was open to focusing more attention to her eyes. Playing up the shadow colors and adding longer false lashes helped to create this look.

Once Olivia's makeup was completed, I got started on her hair. She had sent me some pictures of a half up, half down hairstyle that I was able to use for reference.

Before and After #1 (Back)

Before and After #2 (Side)



Hope your engagement photo session went well Olivia! Looking forward to celebrating with you and Michael :)