Rapper, Songwriter, Model, Artist: Mindy Suga!!!

Photo courtesy Ricci Photo Art

Who: Artist Mindy Suga
What: Photoshoot for Album Cover 
Where: Santa Clara Studio
Photographer: George Ricci

This shoot happened all the way in July! WHERE has the time gone?!? Again, another perfect opportunity to push out this post in time for Halloween :)

George had contacted me earlier to see if I'd be interested in helping out with the makeup prep. Some key notes I took in from George's e-mails to help create Mindy's look:

"The shoot is suppose to deliver some dramatic images for Mindy Suga's (stage name) cd cover.
She a rapper and models. She's the model doing the Pris shoot:
MM is on the site so you can get her look.

I'm dressing her in a long white velvet hooded cape with red latex
looking lingerie under the cape. Obviously, I'll need the eyes to hold
up to that outfit. With maybe a blue/black lipstick and
fingernails I want something to make people notice her.She'll probably
have some gold accessories. I want a wayout eye
look; so, I'm thinking either white to gold or maybe white to red eye
color. But, I'll want your input."

Alright!!! I was stoked to create a "way out there" look, and was even more happy when I met Mindy for the first time. It was so easy to work with her, and her enthusiasm for her work could not be beat. Hearing about her story and how she got started in her music and modeling track was amazing, and it still brings a smile to my face. Mindy's personality is contagious, and anyone who meets her just ends up rooting for her and cheering her on :) I had a chance to work with Mindy again during another photoshoot, and had the same awesome experience. 


Makeup points:
- Flawless face
- Clean dark brows with arch emphasis
- Black eyeshadow, lots of blending
- Lashes, lashes, lashes, with gel liner feathering for upper and lower lids
- Bold eyes rimmed all around with thick liner
- Black lips
* George bought two different contacts for Mindy's extreme eyes... we went with the one you see in the picture :)

George and Mindy hard at work!


Best wishes Mindy! Keep it going! George, great captures as usual :)


MUA for Western Saloon Photoshoot!

Photo courtesy Robert Eng

What: Bay Area Photography Shoots (Western Saloon Photoshoot)
Where: Santa Clara Studio

This photoshoot happened awhile ago, but I thought it would be a perfect entry to help gear us up for the Halloween festivities! I knew there would be three ladies coming in to get their makeup done for this super fun Western Saloon setup (Great job George!). Since I was short on time, I asked the models to come to the studio with false lashes already applied. Thinking about the Western time period, and the probability of more black and white pictures, I requested the lashes to be the biggest, thickest, longest the models could find. When I applied their MU, I also focused on making the models' features extremely and dramatically bold and defined...almost over the top! Black shapely brows, deep red and full lips. Honestly, in real life, it was a little scary! Scary, but necessary for getting the right look in the photos :)

Model: Amanda N.

Model: Bramani S. aka The Fire Lady!

Model: Callie Sue

Western Saloon Gallery
Photo courtesy Rex Mann

Photo courtesy Rennis Kauffman

Photo courtesy Sandi Allen

Photo courtesy Robert Eng

Photo courtesy Robert Eng

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Anna's Wedding Celebration H&M!

Who: Anna
What: Wedding Hair and Makeup
Where: San Jose Studio

I loved everything about the experience I had meeting Anna and helping her get ready for her special day! What was really amazing is how quickly it all worked out. Wedding celebration was done and over, including her hair and makeup trial, within two and half weeks of her first calling me.

Anna is just a sweetheart and has such an awesome life travel story! As I was listening to how she and her husband met in Europe, got married over there, experienced the world for EIGHT months, and finally relocated to the Bay Area, I just kept on shaking my head with wide eyes, soaking up her adventures and trying to imagine what it must've been like. You can read her blog here!

This special event was a celebration that family from the states could join in on, as well as Anna's family from Germany. I can only imagine what a fun day it must've been! It was so nice to be able to meet Anna's mom and sister that had traveled from afar to enjoy time with Anna, and also be tourists :) On a side note - I got a kick out of hearing conversations going back and forth in German! I loved just listening to all of it... although I had no clue what was being said!


Before and After #1

Before and After #2


We were able to work it out where I'd help with Anna's sisters and Mom's hair. In addition, we also fit in the flawless face airbrush foundation for all three. All they had to do was to complete their makeup looks at home within the timeframe they had.

A great big THANK YOU to Cassie for sending over these gorgeous photos of the event! She really captured the spirit I saw in Anna, and I'm sure of the big party :) Please check out her blog for more photos from the event here.