Connie's Wedding Makeup!

Who: Connie
Where: San Jose, CA
When: Saturday, May 19

A week ago, I had the opportunity to work with Connie on her wedding day! Connie and Simon were married at The Point, a gorgeous church up on a hill overlooking San Jose. What is REALLY cool is their well thought out Bridal Suite where Connie and the rest of her BMs were able to prep for the big day.

Photos courtesy The Point Church

View overlooking San Jose

Bridal Suite

Thumbs up to this Bridal Suite!
1. Large windows to let in plenty of natural light
2. Humongous wall mirror
3. Vanity area with another mirror and sink
4. Bathroom
5. Variety of chairs at different heights (good for getting hair or makeup done)
6. Spacious and welcoming

Onto the makeup action! Connie was so good at allowing me the freedom to work with her eye look. Thanks Connie!

Before and After

Eye work
I normally like working on shading eyebrows for symmetry and shape before adding the shadow, liner, and lashes. I feel it helps to outline the facial area I get to work with and set the perimeters for the eyeshadow.

Taking a break

Everyone's hard at work :)

Hair and makeup at the same time, fun fun!

I love these shots of Connie! She reminds me of a doll :)

 Eyes closed, eyes open

One of the really neat things about scheduling trials are that my clients and I get a chance to figure out what each other is comfortable with and make adjustments to the wedding day look as necessary. For Connie's trial, I had gone with a deeper plum lip color. Once I sent her photos of the trial, she requested a lighter lip color and included a photo of the color of her bouquets.

So helpful! I used this photo to match her lipcolor to. On the wedding day, I went slightly darker with the eyelid color to balance out the lighter lip color.

Darker lip color during the trial vs. Lighter pink/rose color on actual wedding day

Other behind the scene shots:
Connie gets a visitor

I was asked to help with the false lash application for the BM's. Here are Connie's sisters, Suki and Lucy.

Connie checking out her makeup and hair with BM Anita

Margaret putting the final touches on Lucy's super-cute hair

Almost done!

Finished and gorgeous. Connie, you were such a pleasure to work with. Even with all the craziness and last minute stresses that came your way, you handled them with poise and grace. Wishing you and Simon a truly blessed marriage where others can see God shining through your relationship with one another.

With Connie and Margaret