Transformation: Jaime --> Shanghai Poster Girl, Circa 1930's


What: Transformation
Who: Jaime
When: June 18
Duration: 11am - 4pm (Yikes!)

Happy Summer everybody!!! I'm so excited to be able to share with you my summer project this year. Yep! They are MORE transformations :) It's been two years since I've been able to get creative with these. If you've been following my blog, here are some easy links to my most recent previous transformations:

I took a break last year due the birth of my son, Isaiah. This year, I'm going to have tons of fun in creating more dramatic looks AND try to see what all this hair stuff is all about :) Hair updos have always intimidated me, so I figured I might as well practice the heck out of it until I'm not scared of them anymore, haha.

Remember my sister Jaime? Here's a before and after of our first transformation session 2 years ago:
Jaime-->JPOP Princess

This time around, I went for something completely different! I was first inspired with the Shanghai Poster Girl look when I read the book Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.

I then searched Google images for more photos. Here are several that stood out to me.
I used these as references as I began Jaime's transformation.

Of course I always take the before shots to capture the starting point.
I just wanted to include the 2nd shot because our shot was photobombed! :)




Jaime still fits into her College Senior Ball Cheong Sam she had gotten tailor made... over 10 years ago... and after 2 kids. JEALOUS!!! Good for you Ja, you lucky, lucky woman :)

I created a fake upper lip for Jaime :) I drew above her natural lip line to give her a fuller, more heart shaped upper lip. Ooh lala.



My niece said, "Mama, you look like a doll." 

Jaime and her two girls. They were so good!

Photos taken with my iphone

Doing the makeup this time around was much easier since I was already familiar with Jaime's face. I also knew she would be open to me doing whatever I wanted, so I definitely felt more freedom in creating this look. I didn't have to think, "Hmmmm, will she think this is too much?" Well, she might have thought it, but she gave me free reign with her face! Yay! 

It was moving onto the hair that terrified me! I had to take several pauses, breath, talk to myself, get the jitters out, and hope that I wouldn't completely botch this up. I was sweating so much, Jaime even commented, "Yeah Jo, I can see beads of sweat from your nose." Ahhhh, so nerve wracking.

Here we are with some hair shots. It was my first time using hot rollers! I seriously burned my fingers. Those things are hot!
Photos are taken with my iphone

The End.

Just kidding. Not the end. More transformations to come. Stay tuned :) It is late. I am so tired. But so happy.

Thank you God for letting me enjoy this so much :)