Wendy's Makeup Trial

Who: Wendy
What: Makeup Trial
When: Saturday, Sept. 9

Several Saturdays ago, Wendy came in for her makeup trial. So very sweet and down to earth!

Here's the look we came up with:


Looking forward to working with you Wendy! I hope all the rest of the wedding planning goes smoothly for you :)


Karen's Wedding!

Who: Karen [Bride] + Jeana [Bridesmaid] + Gail [MOB]
Where: The Los Gatos Hotel
When: Saturday, Sept. 4

Sept. 4th turned out to be another 2 wedding Saturday! After spending the early morning with Meredith and her ladies, Honey and I headed over to the lovely Hotel Los Gatos for Karen's wedding prep :)

I started first with the Mother of the Bride, Gail.

Shadows and blush

Karen had just gotten her hair done and came to take a look at the progress :)


Next up was Jeana

She wanted a very natural look. I paired a shimmery gold/champagne lid with her turquoise dress.

Finally, I get to start working on the bride, Karen! We had just finished putting on the false lashes at this point :)

Adding the gel liner for some definition

Taking a break partway through and reviewing the vows

Done. What a happy and glowing bride!

The location was beautiful, with it's Mediterranean feel. Very cozy and warm atmosphere. Karen was also so thoughtful in asking the hotel for a bar stool/chair. This provided the perfect height for makeup applications!

Karen, wishing you a wonderful marriage with lots of laughs and learning. God bless!


Meredith's Wedding!

Who: Meredith
When: Saturday, September 4th
Where: San Jose

I'm sooooo excited to finally be able to sit down and blog about my visit with Meredith! Just about three weeks ago, Honey and I drove to Meredith's place early in the morning to help her and her bridal party get ready for the special day.

It was pitch black outside! It was really neat to go through the morning with Meredith and her girls and see how everyone kind of slowly rose out of their sleepiness. Meredith was great! So easy to get along with and totally a positive thinker. Thanks Sue for the referral!

Before and After

Action shot!

I worked on Meredith's flawless complexion first, then Magaret got started on her hair.

Once Meredith's hair and veil were done, I was able to complete her look.


Happy bride :)

I first used a rosy/nude lipliner to line and fill Meredeith's lips, then I took a brighter and bolder color to add some impact.

Balancing out the intensity of the eyebrows with the overall face.

Done, and beautiful!

Happy wedding day Meredith! Seeing your wedding photos on FB brought a smile to my face. Wishing you a blessed marriage!


Sue's Makeup Application [Bridesmaid]

Who: Sue
When: Saturday, Sept. 4
Where: San Jose

Remember Sue!?! I can't believe it's already been 1o months since I last saw her for her bridal makeup application! It was awesome seeing her and being able to work with her again for her friend Meridith's wedding. In fact, that's how Meredith knew about me...it was through Sue's referral. Thanks Sue!

Before and After

Sue opted to go for the false lashes...yay! They look beautiful on her!

Here, I'm lining her upper lids with gel liner after I had placed the false lashes on.

Sue is so photogenic!

Sue, thanks again for giving Meredith my contact info! It was so nice to be able to catch up with you...and work with you again :) I just saw some of the photos you posted and it really looks like everyone had so much fun!

Kristy's Makeup Application [Bridesmaid]

Who: Kristy
When: Saturday, Sept. 4
Where: San Jose

This past Saturday started super early for Honey and I! We got to Meredith's place when it was still pitch black outside, and got started right away with the bridesmaids. I worked on Kristy first. I must say, for such an early wedding start time, Kristy (as tired as she must've been), was so laid back and full of laughs! It made for a very smooth morning :)

Before and After

Evening out the complexion. I like to use a sponge with a little bit of water sprayed onto it before squeezing the MAC mousse foundation onto it. I find that it helps to even out the product as it's being applied onto the skin and helps it not dry out so quickly while blending.

After Kristy's makeup was completed, she popped on over to Margaret to get her hair done.

Gorgeous curls!

I like this shot because the light was JUST starting to come in through the window. Also, you can see how Kristy's bangs really had to be tamed! :)

It was great meeting you Kristy! I hope you enjoyed the day with Meredith. Looks like you guys really know how to enjoy each other's company :)