Carol's Wedding Hair & Makeup + Bridal Party!

Photo courtesy Motionscope Weddings

Who: Carol
What: Bridal Hair & Makeup + Bridal Party Makeup
Photographer & Videographer: Motionscope Weddings

                                              Carol + Albert // Wedding Highlight from Motionscope on Vimeo.

Wow! I'm soooo long overdue for this post. Carol is just an amazingly gorgeous person. Super real, completely genuine, and just someone you'd love to have as your friend. Speaking of friends, I had a blast with Carol's bridal party early in the morning helping them with their makeup application! 

Yes, like REALLY early in the morning. The sun wasn't out yet, so my assistant Bo and I started doing all the makeup in the bathroom! Why the bathroom? That was the one place that had the best lighting :) Plus, there were still girls sleeping. The ladies were troopers and were so good about bouncing in and out of the seats and tight spacing so we could get everyone done in time.

 Mother of the Groom

Before, Lips, After

Bridesmaid: Irene
Before, Cheeks, After

Bridesmaid: Judy
Before, Eyeshadow, After

Bridesmaid: Christine
Before, Lips, After

Bridesmaid: Helen
 Before, Lipliner, After

Maid of Honor: Anna
 Before, Eyebrows, After

 Photo courtesy Motionscope Weddings

 Before and After

Thanks for the pictures Bo! :)
Step 1: Curl
Step 2: Tease, Tease, Tease!
Step 3: Pin curls in place

 Adding the beautiful floral hair accessory in the right spot


JJ and Francis were such a fun team to be working Carol's wedding! They were professional, timely, and hilarious! By the time they arrived, it was bright outside. SO glad they suggested we come out to finish Carol's hair and makeup. We were still in the bathroom and hadn't realized the sun had come out! :)

Have a blessed marriage Carol & Albert!