Daisy's Wedding H&M + Bridesmaids!

Who: Daisy
What: Daisy's Wedding Hair and Makeup + Bridesmaids
Where: Prep location #1 Bride's home San Jose, Prep location #2 Ruby Hill Golf Club

Thank you Miranda for referring your friend, Daisy, to me for her special day! I had worked on Miranda's makeup before as she was a MOH for her sister's wedding back in 2012. It's always a treat to be able to work on similar faces again! 

For Daisy's Wedding, we worked it out where I'd do Daisy's hair and makeup, along with two other bridesmaids' hair and makeup (Miranda being one of them!) We started the morning out at Daisy's new home, prepping her bridesmaids first. Once we finished the BMs, we all headed over to the ceremony and banquet site, Ruby Hill, to do Daisy's hair and makeup. 

Photo courtesy Brain Macstay Photography

Before and After
Miranda was awesome... she basically let me do whatever I wanted with her hair and makeup! :) The trust is huge in allowing me to create a makeup look that would best highlight her features, and a hair look that would frame her face and dress silhouette well.  

Action shots - Eyeliner and lips

Part of the hair design was focused on creating something that wasn't too similar to Daisy's hair. Daisy was going for a half up, half down look, so I made sure Miranda's hair was nothing too close to that. 

The prep scene! Loads of beauty products :)
It was fun to work with Miracle again as we were able to split up the number of girls needing their H&M completed. Miracle worked on three additional BMs' hair and makeup. Busy morning!

Funny story... turns out after meeting and chatting with Leslie for a while, I found out that she's married to a guy I knew all the way from elementary school!!! What a small world :) 

Before and After

Action shots - Lips and finishing powder

Applying false lashes

Before, During, After

Side and Back

Our Bride Daisy!
Photo courtesy Brian Macstay Photography



Filling up with Fillet O -Fish!!!

Adjusting and pinning hair as BMs look on

I had the pleasure of meeting Brian and his team as they were preparing to take photos of Daisy and her wedding party. So professional, AND showed us some great tips on some really cool glass photography tricks! Thanks for sending these beautiful photos Brian! Please click here for his blog entry and more pictures from Daisy's and Wing's Wedding!

God bless and wishing you both tons of happiness, laughter, and joy!!!

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