Anna's Wedding!

Who: Anna
Where: Sunnyvale, CA
When: Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yay for two wedding Saturdays! Anna was the bride for the 2nd wedding Honey and I were able to be a part of. It is so amazing how many details go into planning a wedding. It can get crazy...fast! It's typical to have some scrambling happen on the day of, no matter how perfectly we try to plan everything out. Even though there were some issues that came up during the morning of Anna's wedding, she was still able to keep a smile on her face. Hope everything worked out Anna!

Onto the photos!

Before and After #1

Before and After #2 (with the added lashes)

Prepping for flawless skin
Anna was really flexible with the order of the makeup application which ended up working out really well. I worked on her brows and flawless skin look first, then she went over to Margaret to get her hair in curlers. Between that time and when she came back to finish her look, I was able to work on Jane's makeup application.

Reading a letter from soon-to-be husband!

"Okay, are you ready?"

Working on the eyes



Superglam with the curlers!

Flowers created by Anna's mom!

Let's take a look

Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day Anna! Best wishes and God bless your new marriage :)


Jane's Makeup Application [Bridesmaid]

Who: Jane
When: Saturday, June 19
Where: Sunnyvale

So it turned out to be another 2 wedding Saturday for Honey and I! After we packed up at Jenn's SF location, we headed on down to Sunnyvale for Anna's wedding. What's neat is we even had some time before we needed to be at our next location and had a chance to stop by for some yummy McDonald's breakfast! Yay!

Heading to do the makeup applications for Anna and her bridesmaids was actually much easier since I had already seen them beforehand for a fun makeup trial. I was more familiar with all their facial features and was able to tweak a few techniques to better suit their looks for the day. Generally speaking, the more opportunities I have to work with a client, the better the makeup application will be :)

Here's Jane! I absolutely enjoyed working with her and would hope to have another opportunity again ;) So sweet and open, PLUS she let me have so much freedom with what I did with her look...super-awesome!

Before and After #1

Before and After #2 (Ooh look, my hand looks scary)

Action Shots:

Plenty of natural light...the BEST for makeup applications.
(And yes! That's Margaret working on Anna's hair. She did a great job!)

False lashes are THE best!

Applying Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner

Mags prepping Jane's hair. So Cute! Jane seriously could've gone out with the curls still rolled up.

The eyeshadow colors (copper and plum) that were used on the bridesmaids were such an amazing match with the dresses.

Thanks Jane! I hope we'll get the chance to see each other again :)


Look for the next post coming up soon: Anna's Wedding!

* And thanks Honey, for taking some great shots :)


Jenn's Wedding!

Who: Jenn
Where: San Francisco
When: Saturday, June 19

Last Saturday, Honey and I took an early morning drive up to San Francisco to help Jenn get ready for her special day. Amidst girls in hair curlers, hair spray flying around, makeup brushes flicking, and conversations that flowed, one thing completely stands out to me...Jenn's contagious laugh!!! It's like a real, quality, laugh. One that comes from the gut!

Okay, onto the photos:

Before and after

No crying happening in here!

"Is that okay?"

For those of you who are allergic to lipstick, Jenn found a solution! If I remember right, she found this brand: http://www.gabrielcosmeticsinc.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&Product_ID=8 at Whole Foods? It does not contain a certain ingredient that could cause allergic reactions. If you haven't been able to wear lipstick because of sensitivity, you might want to check the Gabriel Cosmetics line out.

My nose flares when I concentrate :)

Almost done!

Let's check for evenness.

Finally! The sun started to peek through the window.

Congrats again Jenn! I hope you enjoy married life...and keep on laughing! I love it!


Cindy's Wedding!

What: Cindy's Wedding Makeup Application
When: June 5, 2010
Where: Fremont, CA

A couple of Saturday's ago, Honey and I drove to Cindy's home in Fremont to help her prep for her special day. We ended up meeting at just the right timing as she drove up from getting her hair done! Cindy was calm, happy, cheerful, and waaay cool with us doing the makeup outdoors. Yay!

Before and After

A few action shots:

Trimming the false lashes

The "Don't move, it's like a permanent marker..." part.

Concealer time

Blush for that healthy glow

Powdering to set makeup

Starting to get warmer :)


I love how Cindy's face lights up whenever she smiles and laughs :)

See what I mean?

Cindy, what a wonderful time we had spending with you in getting ready for your special day :) I wish you and Derek a blessed marriage with lots of laughter and growing!