Adrienne's Wedding Hair & Makeup!

Courtesy Stewart Uy Photography

Who: Adrienne
What: Bridal Hair & Makeup
Photographer: Stewart Uy Photography

Have you ever met a person for the first time, and your conversations just flowed so smoothly that it felt like you've known them forever? Yep :) That's how it was with Adrienne! What an absolute pleasure it was to meet her and be able to help on her special day! From the easy laughs, to the quirky yet chill vibe she and Christian have, to their love of all things Disney and shoes, this was definitely a fun one for me!

Photo courtesy Stewart Uy Photography

When Adrienne first contacted me about a trial, one of the things she asked about was whether she'd be able to wear her GLASSES for her wedding.  We had fun during the trial, figuring out which of her glasses looked the best in combination with of the options of lashes I had. Some false lash trimming was required, but we were able to pull together a beautiful creation together so that she could wear her glasses comfortably, while still having an enhanced eye for her wedding day!

Before and After - with glasses

Photo courtesy Stewart Uy Photography

 Getting the lashes JUST right :)
Photo courtesy Stewart Uy Photography

Eyes closed, eyes opened

Before and After


The shoes... THE SHOES!!! :)

 Find the Tsum Tsums!

 Everything about this makes me smile!

Happily ever after to you two!