A FROZEN Transformation with Elsa & Anna!

Who: Tiff and Joanne
What: Disney's Frozen Transformation into Elsa and Anna!
Where: San Jose Home Studio

Let me just put it out there that I am NOT crazy about cartoons. In fact, I wasn't even going to watch Frozen! Disney fanatics don't hate me. I saw the commercials and thought, "Oh my gosh, this is totally going to tank. Who's going to want to watch a movie about a cheesy looking snowman?!? Disney, what happened to you (face in palm)?"


Clues that led me to believe I was ignorant:
1) EVERYONE was talking about Frozen - girls, boys, teenagers, friends, moms, dads, news reporters, weathermen, ... oh, you know, the World Wide Web
2) Songs from Frozen became familiar to me, even though I hadn't watched it
3) Frozen themed parties were all the rage
4) Frozen would not go away
5) A college aged girl named Joanne balked in disbelief when I told her I hadn't watched Frozen and told me, "It's the BEST movie ever! You need to watch it."

So I watched it, and I liked it. Disney, you're a genius.

It was actually supposed to be just a hair thing.
Joanne mentioned coronation hair, which at that time, I had no idea what she was talking about. I googled some pictures and thought, "Huh! Maybe I can do it?" Both Joanne and her sister Tiff have unnaturally thick hair for being Asians (according to their mom, it's all about eating black sesame while pregnant). I figured they'd be my perfect victims :)


Before and After

The Process
It was basically a big ol gigantic combover!

Tiff had so much hair, I had to use tons of pins to make sure everything stayed in place first. I eventually took some pins out once I knew the hair wasn't going to fall back down on me.

Uh yeah, this lower bun was a bunch of trial and error. The sailor rope didn't work, twisting to the right didn't work... it finally dawned on me to twist left!!! Weird, but that's what worked to get the same look as Elsa's bun. Yay.

The only thing I couldn't quite get down was Elsa's bangs. I tried to figure out a way to cheat some bangs on Tiff, but short of cutting off her hair, it wasn't going to happen :)

At first, I wasn't going to do any makeup... but after seeing the final coronation hair look, there was NO WAY I was okay with taking photos without having makeup done. We had to go all out!

Before and After

Eyes open, eyes closed


Before and After

The Process
Joanne didn't have bangs like Anna, but I was able to figure out a way to fake some! I set a portion of that hair aside to work with later.

Teaseteasetease, attach braided extensions, pull and pin hair up, twist around in donut shape. I'll admit, the donut part stumped me! Here's a secret: I made the little gold/green hair accessory last minute to cover up part of the hair that I couldn't quite figure out. I cut a gold gift bow in half, pinned it to some leftover green ribbon, and stuck that to the problem area. Yay! Problem solved. 

Anna's makeup was very "natural" compared to Elsa's bold purple look. I still gave Joanne some false lashes, made sure to pump up the blush, and tried to match the lipcolor as closely as possible to Anna's. 

Before and After

Eyes open, eyes closed

Before (Thanks to both Tiff and Joanne for helping to take photos of the process!)

I told them to stand close to stand close to one another and pretend they liked each other... this is what I got.

Just kidding :) These girls were hilarious!

...and just for kicks.

Joanne kept referring to Tiff as the Matchmaker from Mulan

I dunno, I kept on seeing Roz, from Monster's Inc.