Fun with Erin!

Over a month ago, my husband Alex and I went to Arizona to visit his cousin Ryan and his wife, Erin. Their home was beautiful! (It helps that Erin is into design). Check out her website: http://erindayala.blogspot.com

We had such a fun time! One night, the boys went to play basketball, so Erin and I played with makeup! Teehee :) 

Who: Erin
What: Makeup fun
When: Monday, April 13, 2009 

Before and After

One of the main focuses was to balance out Erin's two eyes. Erin's left eye is slightly larger than her right eye. The cool thing is, my eyes are like that too! Many people have that feature, but it is slightly more noticable on asian monolids (no double eyelids). Eyeliner and a dark shadow are the key to balancing out the eyes with the correct techniques.

Erin was totally cool with letting me do whatever I wanted on her. Yay! I'm looking forward to more visits in Arizona :)