Wendy's Wedding!

Who: Wendy
When: Saturday, Nov. 6
Where: Morgan Hill, CA

Thinking back to that early morning Saturday several weeks back, there was actually a lot of seat hopping that happened! Wendy and her mom Sherry were really good about switching back and forth whenever the need came up.

... Start the hair first, then hair and makeup together, switch!, makeup, switch!, finish a bit of hair, touch up makeup... sometimes it just happens :)

Before and After

Hair by Margaret

Hair and makeup at the same time

Wendy and her mom are hilarious together!


Shaping the brows


Letting down the curls


Mousse blush, powder blush, blend and contour

Additional shots



Maintaining lip color discussion + veil lesson

Beautiful! ...and almost ready to go!

Best wishes to your new family Wendy! Just in time for all the Holiday festivities :)


Sherry's Makeup Application [MOB]

Who: Sherry [Mother of Bride]
When: Saturday, Nov. 6
Where: Morgan Hill, CA

I hope all of you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of time spent with loved ones! I can't believe how quickly time flies and am finally getting a chance to blog about my experience from several weeks ago.

Having an early morning wedding is always interesting because I never know how the lighting is going to be. We started at 6am, so the sun hadn't made it's way out yet. Luckily, Wendy's house had plenty of bright lights! Yay!

I started with Wendy's mother, Sherry. She was great! Take a look at what we came up with:

Before and After
(By the time Sherry's makeup and hair was completed, the sun had started to shine through)

Working on Sherry's makeup application, while Margaret worked on Wendy's hair

Shadow and lash application

Lining, then filling the lips

Profile with false lashes


Makeup done! Onto hair with Margaret.

Stay tuned for Wendy's wedding makeup application!