Irene's Wedding Hair & Makeup + Bridal Party!

Courtesy DKWedding Photography

Courtesy DKWedding Photography

Who: Irene
What: Bridal Hair & Makeup + Bridal Party
Photographer: DKWeddings 
Videographer: Motionscope 

Oh my goodness!!! Where has the time gone?!? Friends, it has been a busy BUSY time in my life, but I MUST share with you this wonderful morning with some beautiful ladies that I had the privilege of spending some time with a while back. Fun, spunky, hilarious, warm, lots of laughs... all words that come to mind and make me smile when I think back to Irene's wedding morning prep :) The time flew by for sure, and it was nice to catch up with some of these ladies again since the last time we had met during Carol's wedding prep!

Video courtesy Motionscopehttp://www.motionscope.tv/
A little aside here, I LOVE working with Motionscope! We've been vendors for several of the same weddings, and I'm always so happy when I find out we'll be working together!  Francis and the Motionscope crew are beyond professional, yet easygoing and personable at the same time. They're just a cool bunch of guys that really know their stuff and love what they do! Look them up if you're looking for some awesome video coverage of your special day :) 

Apologies for the lack of photos for the bridal party hair and makeup! Thankful for DKWeddings in capturing these action shots. We had SIX girls that all needed their hair and makeup done on time. All of the girls were so easy and flexible with when I needed them. We ended up doing all of their hair first, and then switching over to do all the makeup. This actually worked well for quicker transitions. 

I'll slide this one in here for a great shot of how Helen's hair turned out :) The bridesmaids were able to e-mail me pictures of updos that they liked prior to the wedding day. The photo on top is the photo Helen sent! During the morning prep, I'd try and give the bridesmaids their hair request if possible! 


Before and After


Time to get those lashes on :)

Final perfecting touches with the lips