Valerie's Wedding Makeup Application!

Who: Valerie
When: Saturday, March 24
Where: Pasasena, CA

Wow! Where has the time gone!?! It's been a month since Honey and I drove down to LA for Valerie and Kevin's Wedding. What a wonderful experience, full of great conversations, super cool ladies, loads of makeup, and best of all, getting to spend a bit of time with Valerie before she officially became Mrs. Hom.  :)

Although we started the makeup early in the morning with her five bridesmaids, Valerie didn't officially sit in my makeup chair until about 10:30am. We wanted to make sure her makeup was as fresh as possible. Prior to that, she was getting her hair done.

Valerie getting hair done

Before and After


Applying foundation with a wet sponge helps with a smoother, non-cakey feeling, while applying eyeshadow primer all over the entire lid space helps with the eyeshadow colors staying vibrant and in place the entire day.

Placing the false lashes on

While the false lash glue is drying, Valerie smiles so that I can apply the cream blush onto her cheekbones.

Using mascara to glue real lashes together with fake ones

I used my own lip liner and lip color to outline Valerie's lips, but also used the lipstick Valerie had brought with her. This would tie in the color for later on if and when she wanted to retouch her lip color.

Before filling in Valerie's eyebrows, I trimmed them a little for a cleaner shape!

 Almost done! Waiting for the face spray... it's like hairspray, but for your face! :)

The final step: setting everything with Makeup Forever's HD Powder

Behind the scenes... I see you Honey, haha.

That was so much fun Valerie! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your special day :) You were such a calm and laid back bride. I loved meeting your friends and know that you will make Kevin one very happily married man! Btw - were you already wearing heels in this picture? You're towering over me!

Happy people!!! Yay!

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Sorry, no heels. =)