Anna's Wedding Day Trial!

Who: Anna
When: Saturday, March 13
What: Wedding Makeup Trial

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had the privilege of meeting three wonderful friends for the first time on Saturday. Hearing their story of how they all met and the connections they have in each other's lives reminds me so much of how true friendship is such a blessing. It was like straight out of a movie script or something!

Okay, onto Anna, our bride. I just have to say this...Anna is by far the tallest bride/client I have ever worked with! Standing along with her was her other bridesmaid Grace, who is also super tall! It's so rare to have tall Asian girls, and here were two right on my doorstep. We always want what we don't have :) Unfortunately, I don't have height.

Before and After #1

Before and After #2

Before and After #3

Anna was the first one up for makeup application on Saturday. What's great about my home studio in the morning is the natural light that comes in. If you look back on the photos, you can really see the makeup in more of that natural light vs. having the flash with the shadows in the background.

Additional shots (Courtesy of Honey) :)

Focusing on the eyes, blending and lining

Makeup application in progress

The gals!

Welp, that was truly a fun Saturday morning. I can't wait to work with these ladies again! Hope you have a great time picking up your wedding dress this weekend Anna :)


Jane's Makeup Trial

Who: Jane
When: Saturday, March 13
What: Makeup Trial

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of spending some time with three very cool gals! Anna the bride, and her two bridesmaids came in for a morning of fun and beautifying :) I'll start with one of the bridesmaids, Jane, first.

Working with Jane was really easy. After taking a look at the bridesmaid's dress and getting an idea for the color, I suggested a two tone eye look with copper and plum. Jane gave me the green light, and here's what we came up with!

Before and After #1

Before and After #2

Before and After #3

I had mentioned it during the trial, but I have to say it again... the false lashes we used on Jane worked and complimented so well with her eye shape! I'm so pleased with the way the overall look came together :) In addition to the false lashes, we also did some slight contouring along the nose. I didn't feel any other contouring was necessary since Jane's facial structure already lends itself so well to light and shadows.

Thanks Jane! The experience with the three of you ladies was lots of fun!

Thanks to Honey too, for helping me take the before and after shots. Can you tell these pictures are a lot better than the ones I take?

Additional shots:

Looking forward to seeing you again this summer!


Photos from Jenn!

Last month, Jenn came over for her makeup trial and we were able to do quite a bit of experimenting with layering different colors and shadows! I still remember how easy it was to try different looks and options with her.

Here are some of the photos Jenn sent over taken by Denny Hidayat on the day of the makeup trial. The makeup turned out beautifully for these outdoor shots!

Gorgeous landscape shot. Something about the clouds in the background is so beautiful.

Where was this taken? I'm in love with the tropical background and the casual/comfortable pose.

What a cute couple! You two look really happy together. Best wishes with all the wedding planning Jenn :)


Photos from Sue!

Several months ago, I had the wonderful pleasure of working with Sue on her wedding day. It was a pretty cool surprise getting an e-mail from her the other day with her new last name! Super fun stuff, although I remember the process of changing last names was quite tedious.

Here are some photos she shared with me from her wedding photographer of the day:


All the ducks, I mean brushes lined up in a row

I LOVE Sue's smile

My favorite shot