Crissy's Wedding Makeup!

Photo courtesy Hom Photography

Who: Crissy
What: Bridal Makeup
Photographer: Hom Photography

What a small world!!! Crissy contacted me about having her makeup done for her upcoming wedding. Between our e-mails back and forth and our conversation during her trial, we found out we had tons of mutual friends from all different parts of our lives! In fact, her friend that was going to do her hair for the wedding was actually my old teacher coworker. Our classrooms used to be right next to each other! (Hi Sherry!) Needless to say, it was a ton of fun talking with Crissy and making the connections with who we both knew and how we knew them :)

I wasn't able to take too many photos, but here's a quick before and after taken with my phone. Look at Crissy's gorgeous smile!!!

Turns out Crissy was also childhood friends with her wedding photographer... whom I had coincidentally met at a previous client's wedding! So fun! (Hi Lauren!) Thanks to Hom Photography for sending over these beautiful photos. Click here to see the other wedding we had worked on together. 






Happy marriage you two!