Kori's Wedding Trial!

Who: Kori
When: Saturday, Feb. 22
What: Hair and Makeup Trial

Yay! What a super fun day it was being back with Margaret and Kori! This time, instead working together in the school setting with our kids, we were working together to create Kori's wedding day look! :)


Before and After #1
Margaret and I worked on Kori's look at the same time! Margaret created Kori's updo while I applied her makeup.

Before and After #2
A couple of the key things I did to help Kori's features pop were to shape and fill her brows with a taupe color, and enhance her eyes with bold mascara and false lashes. We went from transparent lashes and brows, to visible ones! 

Profile shots
A coral blush was used in highlighting Kori's cheekbones to match with her skin tone and warm eyeshadow colors used. I LOVE Kori's dimples!


I took a step back for a bit to get this shot of Margaret working on Kori's hair. The "Ooh!!! I have STUFF in my hair!" exclamation from Kori will not be forgotten...ever.  :)

Before and After (Hair)
Beautiful job Mags!

Kori had chosen a hair piece that fits her personality and tea length wedding dress for her special day. No long veils here!

Well THAT was fun! Kori, you were such a good sport in letting Margaret and I do whatever we wanted with you :) Looking forward to celebrating with you and Ian on your special day!


Catherine's H&M Trial!

Who: Catherine
What: Hair & Makeup Trial
When: Saturday, Feb. 9

A couple Saturdays ago, Catherine and Pui-Yun came into the studio. Boy was it a reminder of how time flies by! I had worked on Catherine three years ago as a bridesmaid for Pui-Yun. Now, here she was, getting ready for her own wedding! :) Yay, how exciting! It was a lot of fun chatting and seeing what had happened since the three years we had seen each other.

Before and After #1
One of the key steps to creating this look for Catherine was in applying the airbrush foundation for a flawless complexion. I then did a little reshaping and filling in of the brows.

Before and After #2
I loved that Catherine was excited about trying out some bolder lashes. They fit her eye shape well and really helped to enhance her natural beauty!

Before and After #3

Onto the Hair!

Catherine had wanted an updo with her hair pulled to one side. After curling her hair, I created one french braid toward her right side, then added two additional braids to help give some texture and added interest.

Before and After (Back)

Before and After (Side)

Front view

One thing we talked about was how the length of someone's hair can really seem to "shrink" with curling. With this look, we really want the curls to drape well over the shoulder. Crossing our fingers that a few months later, Catherine's hair will be long enough for that effect. No trimming in the meantime :) I will also be able to relax the curls a little to give a bit more length.

Welp, that was fun! I'm so happy for you Catherine! Congrats on your engagement :)


Audrey's Studio Portrait Makeup

(Photo courtesy Ken Lam @ kenlamstudios.com)

Who: Audrey
What: Studio Portrait Makeup
When: Saturday, January 19

I was so glad to be able to have my friend Audrey sit in my makeup chair several Saturdays ago! She's starting her photography business and needed her makeup done for her self portrait, perfect for including in her new website and blog. One of her friend's, Ken Lam, specializes in headshot photography. Audrey headed over to his studio once I finished her makeup. I'm so glad Ken was able to send me over a couple of his shots. They turned out great! Not only that, he was quick, friendly, and punctual with his e-mail replies.

Before and After (with glasses)

Before and After (without glasses)

Audrey wanted a minimal look. Clean and simple.

A few things we focused on to achieve this look:
    - Flawless complexion with my airbrush kit and matching foundation
    - Shape and darken brows
    - Enhance eyes with light contouring shadow and liner
    - Healthy glow with blush
    - Natural lips with slight dab of gloss

(Photo courtesy Ken Lam @ kenlamstudios.com)

One day, I'd like to be as skilled as Ken in taking photos and figuring out all the lighting, angles, and techniques that go into capturing a stellar shot. In the meanwhile, I'll continue having fun with making up faces! :)

Thanks for coming in Audrey!
 (Photo courtesy Ken Lam @ kenlamstudios.com)