Meredith's Wedding Makeup Trial!

Who: Meredith
What: Wedding Makeup Trial
When: Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One of the really cool things about having a makeup AND hair trial on the same day and location, is that you really get to see a more complete bridal look! I'm so glad everything worked out for Meredith's trial :) Mags and I had a lot of fun with her... we're all in the education field as well!

Before and After #1

Before and After #2

Before and After #3

Meredith came in all prepared! I loved seeing her dress and some of the accessories she was planning on wearing. This always helps so that I get a better idea of my client's personality and style.

After we got the makeup done, Mags came and started working on her hair!

I think the purple flower will actually be a white/ivory one :) We got a good idea of placement though.

After shots with makeup and hair complete

Meredith with the veil on!

Looking forward to working with you on your big day Meredith! I hope the dress fitting went well :)


Joyce's Wedding!

Who: Joyce
When: Sunday, July 11
Where: San Jose

I've had to save up everything I've been wanting to post about Joyce and I finally get to put it all out here on my blog. Yay! This girl made me laugh!!! Really Hard!

She was one of the most down-to-earth brides I've met. And she was sooooo great about trusting me with the makeup look we had created during her trial. As a makeup artist, I always try to connect with my clients... Joyce just made it super easy :) Joyce's husband (Alex) is a very blessed man to have found such a beautiful woman to live his life with!

Before and After

Eyes open and closed

Here, I'm connecting Joyce's natural lashes and false lashes together with mascara. Sometimes, that involves curling the two together to ensure a smooth little flip.

Cleaning up loose shadow under the eyes

Taking a break with a good 'ol technology fix!

Before I finished Joyce's makeup, she went over to get her hair done. Irene So from StyleItSo, did a great job with the hair! Click on her name if you would like to see more of her work or to get in contact with her.

Hair done! Working on finishing the lips.

Done :)

Other shots:

Relaxing with Janny

Helping with pinning Effie's hair up

Too cute with Jessica!

Joyce, what a wonderful time I had with you and all of your girls. It was so apparent how much you all love each other and support one another. You made me feel like I had known you forever! Best wishes to you and Alex! You truly show God's character.


Effie's Makeup Application [MOH]

Who: Effie
When: Sunday, July 11
Where: San Jose

I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED working with Effie! We had first met when she came with Joyce for Joyce's makeup trial. I noticed right away how close they were and how Effie really took care to support her sister through all the somewhat daunting details of wedding planning. In the time between the trial to the actual wedding date, Effie was the one who corresponded with me and communicated the wedding day schedule, sending me photos of the other bridal party members, as well and different ideas for makeup looks.

Effie wanted a look incorporating coral tones, as well as putting more emphasis on blush. Here's what we came up with!

Before and After

Action shots

Blush! At one point, I told Effie that she was going to look like a clown for while! :)
(Which she took surprisingly well.) In order to capture that blushed emphasis look, I had to put several layers of the colors on. After letting that set and concentrating on other areas of the face, I then went back with a powder to blend and tone it to the desired shade.

This shot reminds me of a phone commercial :) Effie had to keep her eyes closed the entire time she was talking to her friend because the false lash glue was still drying. I like this because you can get a glimpse of how happy the atmosphere was.

Eyeliner after the false lash application

I first lined Effie's lips with a nude color and slightly filled her lips using the same color. We then used the MAC lipstick Effie had picked up to finish coloring in her lips. The coral color worked really well with Effie's skin tone.

Shot of the finished look with closed lids

Effie, you were an amazing MOH to your sister Joyce, and super wonderful to work with! I still smile every single time I think back to some of the conversation topics that came up :)


Janny's Makeup Application [MOH]

Who: Janny (BTW- That smile in the photo above from Janny is BEAUTIFUL)
When: Sunday, July 11
Where: San Jose

Let's meet our 2nd gal from Joyce's wedding party, Janny! Yay for fellow teachers :) It's amazing how easy it is to strike up conversations with other teachers, especially with all the changes happening to our education system and consequences of the budget crisis.

Janny also opted to go a day without her glasses so that she could wear the false lashes. Here's what we came up with!

Before and After #1

Before and After #2

Oh yeah! You might also notice that all the makeup applications were done in the kitchen!!! Yes, that was a first for me :) Whenever I go to a new location that I haven't been to before, I'm always looking for the place with the best lighting. Normally that would be natural lighting like right in front of a window or doorway of some sort. Since the fog hadn't really burned off yet, the best place turned out to be in the kitchen! We had a lot of fun in there!

Action shots:

After working on Janny's flawless face complexion, I filled in her brows according to her brow shape. For Janny, I used a brow pencil first, then went over that with a dark brown/black brow shadow. (I actually do that for my own brows too...cause I don't have any!)

Getting ready to apply the false lashes. This can be traumatic for some people, especially if your eyes are very sensitive. No worries! We take it slow and there are plenty of opportunities for breaks. For Janny, I would let her eyes take a rest while I would work on another part of her face... for example, putting on the blush.

Lining the eyelids after the false lashes have been glued on.

The last and final step, setting with powder. Janny was so nice to help me hold back her hair while I was doing this :)

Janny, it was a pleasure meeting you! It was fun listening to how you met your husband...and how you met Joyce too! And, two thumbs up for Eye on the Bay!

* Stay tuned for more posts from Joyce's bridal party