Lissa's Makeup Trial

What a blessing friends are...especially ones that you've known for a reeaallly long time! Well, I've known Lissa now since we were both in the 6th grade. I won't disclose how old we are now, but let's just say we've had the privilege of sharing and experiencing "life" and the many things that come with it... including marriage!

Here are a few snapshots of her recent Wedding Day Makeup Trial:

Before & After

Outdoor shots with a hint of the beautiful purple eyelids

We tried two different lip color looks. The previous pictures were all of the more natural pink/peach lip, and this one here, with Lissa's bright smile is with the more vibrant plum lip.

Lissa's official Before and After photos will be soon added onto the "Porfolio" section in my website at www.jochowmakeup.com

Please check back when you have a chance to view them.

Makeup sessions with anyone are always a treat, but this time, it was especially meaningful. Who else would be so blessed to share in such a special upcoming event with a dear friend in this way?

Lissa and Danny, I'm so happy for the two of you and look forward to sharing in your joy as you get MARRIED!!!


Kevin and Kristen's Wedding

My First Wedding Contract
It all started several months ago when Kristen, my wonderful friend and colleague, asked me if I'd be interested to be the makeup artist for her bridesmaids. "Yes!" I said, "I'd love to!" Which was so true and so frightening at the same time. I had been sharing with her my interest in getting into the makeup artistry profession, and here she was, giving me the perfect opportunity to step into it. Yay! Thank you Kristen!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

8:00 am - Drive to wedding location in Sebastopol, CA

10:00 am - Arrive at
Vine Hill House and set up

10:30 am - Start working on 5 bridesmaids (Get ready for some action shots)




"Holy Toledo Batman! We made it!"

1:30 pm - Finished the final bridesmaid

2:00 pm - Celebrate a completed job with great support from Honey

2:30 pm - Get changed and join the fun!

The bridesmaids with the beautiful and glowing bride, Kristen!


Well, I had so much fun making up the girls and experiencing all there there is to creating looks that fit and matched with what the bride wanted, as well as what the bridesmaids were comfortable with. The biggest aim I had going in was to make sure everyone was happy with the makeup, and felt beautiful ...and it happened! This was definitely a good learning opportunity and I can't wait to do more!

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New website!

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