Anna's H&M Trial!

Who: Anna
What: H&M Trial
Where: San Jose, home studio

Anna had found me on Yelp and had called me a couple weeks ago to set up a hair and makeup trial. I'm so glad we had a chance to talk on the phone and discuss the specifics to her situation and what she was hoping for! Every client has different needs and I'm always happy to talk or e-mail back and forth to get a better understanding of how I can be of help :)

Before and After

Eyes open, eyes closed

We went for warm and neutral tones in Anna's makeup. Based on her skin tone, I made sure to load on the blush. I also added some light false lashes that helped Anna's eyes pop without being too dramatic with the makeup. I always appreciate it when clients are honest with me about how they feel with the makeup. Although the adjustments take time, I'd much rather know about anything that doesn't sit too comfortably with clients and have a chance to tweak and rework certain looks. I want the client to be happy! If I can help it, I will! :) In Anna's case, we ended up going a little lighter on the brow fill in, and switching the lip color to be more neutral.

Before and After

Anna wanted a loose, pulled back updo that would be out of her way for her special event. We were aiming for a romantic look that didn't look too structured. We also wanted to include the gorgeous headpiece she had ordered from Etsy! Using her asymmetrical dress as motivation AND not wanting the hair accessory to look too much like a Greek Goddess like crown, we pulled the back section of Anna's updo a bit toward the left, allowing for the headpiece to rest slightly tilted as Anna had requested. 

Thanks for calling Anna! I was super happy with how everything turned out and I always welcome the communication for tweaking and adjusting looks for the ultimate winning combination :)


Jayme's Studio Portrait Headshot Makeup

Who: Jayme
What: Headshots for professional business webpage
Where: San Mateo
Photographer: Bob Stine, Graphic Communications Co.

I met Bob at a couple of photography meetups where I helped as the makeup artist for the models. He's like a mischievous Santa Claus! A laid back, jovial, and warm character that definitely helps to put anyone at ease. He contacted me a couple weeks ago to see if I'd be interested in doing the makeup for a client who'd need headshots for a professional business webpage. All the details were worked out, and I headed over to San Mateo to help with the makeup prep.

Before and After #1

Chatting with Jayme was a lot of fun! She was open to whatever I wanted to do with her face (which is always nice), but I also mentioned that I'd use her skin tone and hair color to base my colors off of. I also kept in mind the intent of the photoshoot, which was to enhance Jayme's features for a professional business' webpage.

Before and After #2

Makeup look:
- Filled in brows
- Flawless face airbrushed foundation
- Bronze colored eyelid color
- False lashes
- Coral blush
- Natural lips

Photos from Bob:

Thanks so much for contacting me Bob! These photos of Jayme turned out great and I really appreciate the ease in which it was to work with you :) Lots of fun for sure.