MUA for a Photoshoot and Fashion Lighting Workshop!

What: Photoshoot and Workshop
When: Saturday, April 13
Where: Santa Clara Studio

A while back, George had contacted me about possibly being a MUA for his Fashion Lighting Workshop and Photoshoot.  Everything worked out and I'm so glad I was able to have this opportunity to work with him, Claire (the model), and the other fantastic photographers.

George's studio was set up nicely with a brightly lit corner area sectioned off by curtains for any models to change and prep in. After meeting Claire and setting up my work station, we got started! The other photographers were getting some lessons/tips from George while I was helping Claire with her makeup look.

Photo courtesy George Ricci

Before and After #1 (Natural look)
I did two looks for Claire. The first being a super natural, fresh daytime look that would show up well under bright studio lights. I used natural matte browns and coral tones on her eyes and cheeks. For Claire's lips, I used a nude colored lip liner to neutralize her bright lips, then when over with a subtle gloss.

Here's the same makeup from perspective of two different photographers:

Photo courtesy Fred Floresca (photo 1) and Chetan Mahendru (photos 2 & 3)

Once the photographers had a chance to take their photos, Claire was back in my makeup chair for a bit more makeup. With the backdrop and lighting being changed, George gave me the green light to add a bit more drama to Claire's look.

Before and After #2 (Dramatic evening look)

Eyes open, eyes closed
I added a plum shade to Claire's lids, then darkened the outer edge with a charcoal color. I also thickened the eyeliner width, loaded on a deeper pink toned blush, and dabbed on some lipstick with some purple pigments.

The results from photographers:

Photo courtesy George Ricci

Photos courtesy Chetan Mahendru

I had such a blast! George was super easy to work with and really knows how to share his photography skills with others, Claire was so sweet and such a fun person to chat with, and all the photographers were so eager to learn and practice new techniques. Thanks especially to Chetan who followed through and sent me some wonderful photos to include in my blog!

I was really impressed when I had a chance to chat with some of the photographers. Most of them have other full time jobs and were just taking a relaxing Saturday to juice up on their photography hobbies and skills. What a way to continue on and pursue their passions!

I'm definitely looking forward to more photoshoot opportunities!