Janette's Shanghai Transformation!

Who: Janette
What: Transformation
Where: San Jose Home Studio

So I'm grinning from ear to ear as I write this entry, and I can't stop giggling! Janette and I both taught 3rd grade next door to each other 6 years ago. With her Hawaiian themed classroom, hilarious asides, and crazy ideas, it wasn't such a surprise when she approached me and brought up a Shanghai Transformation proposal. It was just a matter of WHEN it would happen :)

She had seen one of my earlier posts titled "Transformation: Jaime --> Shanghai Poster Girl, Circa 1030's" that I had done. Click here to read that entry and see all the photos! 

It had also just so happened that she and her boyfriend, Norm, had recently gone to Chinatown and picked up a fancy Cheong Sam! She thought it would be a hoot to surprise Norm with a transformation of her own, and be able to wear the Cheong Sam at the same time. 

Fast forward six years and we FINALLY were able to work out a time for the Transformation. There would be a dual purpose this time around. The first being a surprise for her boyfriend: Janette had e-mailed and said she wanted to put a photobook together for Norm to surprise him for Christmas. She'd finally be able to wear that dress and get all dolled up! Fun right?!? The second being a form of support to women going through relational transitions: Within those six years, Janette has also kept herself busy with founding Compassionett. Here's a message from Compassionett's website:
     "The goal of Compassionett is to help women find their way, with compassion and empathy, as their life takes unexpected turns. We are a "by women, for women" network who have experienced one of life's most significant changes and are proof that not only can you get through it, but a better, fuller life awaits you on the other side."

Janette herself is a mother of three beautiful ladies and had gone through a divorce some years ago. Through this Transformation, and so many other activities Janette has going on, she's living proof that there's more to life after unexpected relationship turns. 

Onto the before and afters!
Before and After #1
Meet Janette's alter ego: Shanghai Suzy! 

Before and After #2

Before starting on Janette's makeup, I used a straightening iron to pin curl all her hair. Once makeup was done, I released the pin curls, and adjusted the curls into place. This was slightly challenging due to Janette's shorter length of hair. We made it work! Yeah!!! I saved the front bangs for last to create a semi "S" shape.

- Bold brows that extended dramatically down
- Double up on the already doubled lashes (They were VERY heavy!)
- Exaggerated eyeshadow contouring (Janette's reaction, "I look like a drag queen!") - hahahaha!
- Bright blush
- Reshaped upper lips to look fuller using deep red colors and liners
- Super contouring along cheeks, nose, and jawline

Janette brought her own Cheong Sam, accessories, and even props! These worked great in creating the look and feel needed to capture the images. 

So much fun! A very Merry Christmas to Norm and all the ladies at Compassionett!!! Janette, you made it happen :)