Vivian's Makeup Application [BM]

Who: Vivian
When: Saturday, March 24
Where: Pasadena, CA

Vivian was the 2nd bridesmaid that sat in my makeup chair the morning for Valerie's wedding. The first time I met Vivian was when she came with Valerie for her makeup trial to my home studio. They have such a funny "how we first met" story!

What was so amazing as the morning wore on, was just how apparent it was that these ladies loved music. I guess meeting in Band Class helped with that! At one point Vivian pointed out that we were listening to a song from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Think back to when all the mighty heroes and evil villains were preparing for war...yep, that's the song. Bizarre, totally funny, and so neat how everyone was just cool with it. 

Before and After

Filling in lips with lipliner


Lining the eyes with gel liner

Blend, blend, blend!

I filled in Vivian's brows toward the very end to make sure it was as balanced as possible with the makeup look we created. I didn't use a brow pencil though, as I felt the dark brown brow shadow would be enough. Scroll back up to the before and after shot to get an idea of the balanced brows.

This is such a cute shot! Vivian getting some down time with Valerie and Miranda.

Stay tuned for Grace's makeup application!


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