Is a Videographer worth it?


YesYesYes!!! If you hire the right videographer, it is SO worth it! Do I know one? I do now :)

Back in September, I had the wonderful privilege of working with Daisy and her bridesmaids prep for her wedding day. Click here for the blog entry! I had a blast with the wedding party, but also met a bunch of topnotch wedding professionals!

Nick, from Less Than 3 Productions, was already busy getting his equipment set up when we arrived at Ruby Hill Golf Club. He was super friendly and professional, I remember being excited about seeing the final video with the highlights from Daisy and Wing's wedding.

When I got home later that day, I was able to watch a few of his previous videos from past weddings he had posted... how could it be possible to cry tears of joy for people getting married that you don't even know? I don't know. But it happened! WHY WASN'T NICK FROM LESS THAN 3 PRODUCTIONS AROUND WHEN I WAS GETTING MARRIED?!?!? Arg. What was done well? Everything! From the special moments captured, the highlights of the words spoken, the great editing while incorporating the perfect song (including the rise and fall of dynamics), the feel of the video, to the emotions the video brings out, this was a collection of real quality work. I was crying and clapping at the same time... and even MORE excited to see the final video for Daisy and Wing.

Fast forward a few month... taadaaaaaaa!!! Not disappointed :)

So happy for Daisy and Wing, and all the other lucky couples who were able to get their special day documented in such a magical way though through Less Than 3 Productions. Of course, I will always have my own cherished memories of my wedding day, but darn it, Honey and I really missed out.

So, is a videographer worth it?