A Valentine Wedding

What: Sue and Don's Wedding
When: February 14, 2009
Where: Cupertino

I had a fantastic experience doing a wedding this past Valentine's for Sue and Don. The bridal party stayed at the Cypress Hotel. Honey and I had been there a couple times for his Christmas company parties, so I was already impressed with the hotel. However, when I met Sue inside their suite, I got even more excited about their modern furniture and warm appeal. Scroll down below for some shots inside the hotel suite.

Although Honey was unable to come with me to help take pictures, I met a cool photographer named John Mateos Ong who provided me with these photos. Click here to check out more of his work and visit his website!

Anyhow, onto the photos!
Getting ready
(Sue's makeup look was completed already. Let me tell you, her eyes are so beautiful and perfect for placing false lashes on)

In the hotel suite

In the hotel suite (I know, nice right?)

The super long train Sue had ordered from the Philippines

Sue and Don's wedding was held at the Santa Clara Mission

Artistic shots with scenic backgrounds

As we were in the hotel room getting ready, I remember how everyone was commenting on how beautiful the day was. So true! I think it was actually supposed to rain on Valentine's Day, but the sun was shining nice and bright. Yay!

Thanks for the photos John!

I was also able to get a few shots in with my camera when things weren't so busy. Here are a few shots for you during the prep time in the morning.

If you're looking for a hair stylist, please ask about my friend Margaret. She did a fabulous job! Very clean and detailed with what each bridal party member wanted. Here, one of the bridesmaids, K, wanted a Dita Von Teese look. Margaret started her off with the hair, and I finished the look with the makeup application.

Before and After (Almost Betty Boop-ish!)

Maid of Honor's before and after shots (Like a cheetah!)

Maid of Honor in wedding attire (Photo by John)

Close up of Sue's bridal makeup


Thank God for a beautiful day...and what a great way to remember an anniversary, right on Valentine's Day!

Best wishes Sue and Don!


Playing with Hair

My sister Bubs and I decided to have fun with hair one day. It was great catching up with her and seeing what type of hair-do we'd come up with. Take a look!

Before and After with clean, just washed hair

Some different angled shots for ya

If I were to do this hair style again, I think I'd try to puff the crown portion of the hair up a bit. Anyhow, this was a lot of fun and I can't wait to try other hair styles.


Awesome Photographer Alert!

Who: Manus Chau
Website: www.manuschauphotography.com
Where: Bay Area

While working with Jenny on her wedding day, I was able to observe as Manus and Jennifer worked their photographer magic. Here are some words to describe them during the short time we were together in the morning.

Laid back
Team players

Recently, I saw Manus' blog on the event and was blown away with the quality and depth of the photos. Here are a few:

I'm so impressed! The way Manus and Jennifer captured these special moments makes me wonder how my own wedding pictures would have turned out if I hired this team. Anyhow, check them out if you're looking for a photographer.

For more photos of Jenny and Eric's wedding, click HERE.


Katina and Andy's Wedding!

What: Katina and Andy's Wedding
When: January 17, 2009
Where: Fremont

So this wedding was unlike any that I had done in the past since the bride was someone I had known since she was not even 1 year old! It was great to be a part of her special day...I think the neatest part of it was doing the makeup application in her bedroom where she grew up. As the hour passed, we could slowly hear more and more of her and Andy's family members gathering downstairs for the traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

Here are some photos of the day of courtesy of Sean from michaelswedding.


Close ups

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Liab!

Evening Banquet:

Honey and I with the Newlyweds :)


Katina and Andy, we wish you the best as you start your new lives together in China. God bless!