Client featured on "The Knot" (Eeeeeeeks!!!)

    To say that I'm beyond stoked doesn't even begin to describe how excited I am! I found out yesterday, that one of the weddings I did a couple summers ago was featured in the current The KNOT Magazine Spring 2012 edition!!! I cannot stop smiling! Praise God! He is so good :)

Needless to say, I went and purchased the magazine as soon as I could get my butt out the door.

...and, here's the page!

... yes, it IS the most bizarre feeling to open up to a page in a magazine and recognize the gorgeous happy faces, see the beautiful photo, and think... wait, hang on, holy cow, I did their makeup! 

That's Joyce in the middle, and her two sisters, Effie and Jessica. Boy, did I have such a fun and great  experience with them. I'm so happy that they were able to get featured in the magazine! You can click on their names for the link to my previous blog entries about their makeup sessions.

Praise God for reminding me in such a spectacular way that He is always in control. Last year, due to my pregnancy and birth of my son Isaiah (love him!), there were quite a few inquiries that I had to turn down. Fewer inquiries, along with this being a side/part-time job = less word of mouth and opportunities for my business to grow.

It has been a reminder for me to go to God and ask for His direction and will. Is this something He wants me to continue with? Will I let the business/financial aspects of this business to determine success or failure? Am I a good enough makeup artist? It's a constant lesson for me to let go, and give it to God. It's such a humbling experience, and I pray that God will continue to allow me to trust in Him in all things big and small.

What a way cool reminder huh?

Okay, so really, call me if you need a makeup artist or know of someone who does! :)