Valerie's Wedding Makeup Trial!


Who: Valerie
What: Wedding Makeup Trial
When: Saturday, November 5

This past Saturday sure was a blast! My friend Valerie came in for her wedding makeup trial. Yay! We've known each other for a very long time and I've always admired how Valerie is so calm, honest, and easy going. It definitely made for a super enjoyable session!

There were a couple of things that I kept in mind as we created Valerie's look:
1) She had a previous bad experience with false lashes, where they were uneven and made her look like a "crazy person" all day :)
2) She normally doesn't wear any makeup at all

On to the photos!

   Before and After #1
   Yes, I am extremely jealous of Valerie's jaw line!!!

   Before and After #2
   We went through two rounds of after shots, one with Valerie's hair up, and another
   with her hair down. 

   Before and After #3
   I very lightly drew Valerie's brow shape using a brown pencil liner, then used a
   brown/black powder to fill in any sparseness. I would really recommend any bride
   to have their brows shaped prior to the Big Day, since the brows help so much in
   framing the face.

   Before and After #4

   Before and After #5

   Before and After #6
   The false lashes definitely don't make Valerie look like a crazy person :) Different
   eye shapes require different types of lashes varying in length, thickness, and
   shape. The pair that Valerie has on are a great fit!

   Before and After #7

   Hair Up vs. Hair Down

   Lashes! (Closed Lids)

   Lashes again! (Profile)

   Glamour shot! :)

   Thanks so much for coming in yesterday Valerie! Can't wait to celebrate with
   you and Kevin on your Big Day!!!


Val Pal said...

Thanks for making me look extra beautiful, Jojo! =)

Val Pal said...
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