Updo with NO Heat Tools!

Who: Jen
What: Random Hairplay Day!
When: Saturday, March 23

Last week our whole family was over at my sister's house for an early Easter dinner. We were hanging around and then I thought, "Hey! Let's play with hair!" Jen was willing to be my victim, but the only thing was, I hadn't brought any of my hair supplies or heat tools. My other sister Jaime was able to provide a comb, bobbi pins, and hairspray...good enough for me!

Before (Front and Back) - Jen's so cute!
Notice the layers...I realized later how much more difficult it is to style layers without a straightening/curling iron. The hair ends had a mind of their own and wanted to splay out like a fan!

During (Aack! It's a rat's nest! ) and After
I only had one rubber band to work with, so I used bobbi pins to hold the braids I had done on each side of Jen's hair. 

Finished! :)

Stay tuned... it's taking forever to post about Jen's wedding day last October, but it's in the works!
Photo taken with my iphone at the end of the night :)


Hair fun with Jaime!

Who: Jaime
When: Sunday, Feb. 24
What: Updo

I was over at my sister's house after church one day and we were able to play with some hair! Here's what I came up with... it was kind of like a deconstructed-reconstructed bun! (Kind of) :)

Before and After

I wanted to do a look where all of Jaime's hair was pulled up, but I didn't want to have to tie any of her hair into a ponytail first. One of the reasons for that is because Jaime doesn't have a lot of hair, plus her hair is very thin. Tying her hair into a ponytail would use up some of her hair that I'd want to use for volume and curls instead.

Once the upper half was teased, shaped, and pulled back, I was able to twist Jaime's remaining hair into a semi "S" shape. Once everything looked balanced, I pinned it down with bobby pins!

Front and Side

Cute dainty flower vs. Flowy romantic flower
Which one do you like better?

Thanks for letting me play with you hair again, Ja!