Daisy's H&M Trial!

Who: Daisy
What: Wedding Hair & Makeup Trial
When: Friday, March 29

It was so much fun with Daisy this past Friday! The conversation was so easy and so were the laughs! Hard to believe that she's the more introverted one in the relationship :)

Thanks for the referral Miranda :) As always, I super appreciate it! The timing worked out perfectly where Spring Break had just started for me, and Daisy and Wing were able to work it out with their photographer for an engagement photo shoot. I love it when everything falls into place like that.


Before and After #1

Before and After #2

Before and After #3


Eyes open and closed

After listening to Daisy's previous experience with false lashes, I decided to use my most natural set. These ones are lighter, thinner, and not as long... however, they still help to give an extra added oomph for the special day :)


One of the goals in working with Daisy's fine thin hair was to make it look fuller and more voluminous. To add volume to the crown, I teased Daisy's hair on top. To add volume to the back of Daisy's head, I used the remaining ends that were used to pull the hair into a half and created swirls over the pins.


See you soon Daisy! Looking forward to working with you on your special day :)

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