Carol's H&M Trial!

Who: Carol
What: H&M Wedding Trial
Where: San Jose Home Studio

I loved having Carol sit in my makeup chair as we got ready to create her wedding day look! After looking at photos of hair and makeup she had e-mailed me earlier, I had gotten a real "romantic" vibe to what she was looking for. It was exciting to go through the process together and see her reactions to the super bold lashes and voluminous hair we created. It's always nice when the look comes together and the client starts to see the look and can envision it as a reality for the special day!

Before and After #1

Before and After #2

Before and After #3

Eyes open, eyes closed



Before and After #1 (Back)
Carol's hair length was ideal for this romantic pulled back updo. I wouldn't suggest going any shorter though as we went for larger curls, requiring longer lengths of hair. If her hair were any shorter, I would have needed to tighten the curls, which wouldn't have the same feel and look of what we were going for. It was also easier to create this look because Carol has really thick hair! A plus!

Before and After #2 
I made sure to super tease Carol's crown and give a lot of volume. This helps with balancing out the big curls shaped at the nape of the neck.

Different angles + added flower

Thanks for coming in Carol! So glad the timing of the trial was able to work out :)

And again, it's always fun with BMs coming and joining the fun! Looking forward to seeing you ladies again and helping with the special day!

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