Miranda's Makeup Application [MOH]

Who: Miranda
When: Saturday, March 24
Where: Pasadena, CA

Miranda and I grew up together at church, and it was great seeing her again and having her in my makeup chair! As Valerie's Matron of Honor, and more importantly, older sister, she came into the room and supported Valerie right from the start. Here they are, nice and cozy as they were both waiting to get their hair and makeup done :)

As I had mentioned in other blog entries, getting hair and makeup done for a number of girls can be like a juggling act between the hair and makeup artists.

 Miranda got her hair done first, then came over to me for makeup.

Before and After

Adjusting the false lashes

While we were waiting for the lash glue to dry, I applied cream blush to the apples of Miranda's cheeks. I would go over her cheekbone area with powder blush later.

With Miranda's monolid eyelid shape, I used a darker brown eyeshadow color right at the base of her lids, then brought it up higher so that it could be seen when her eyes were open.

Eyeliner and blending

Finishing up with the lips

Again, always so much fun doing makeup for a friend from long ago. Miranda, glad that you're enjoying your work with the little kiddies and that you're at a place where people care more about the children than anything else :)

Stay tuned for Lizzy's Makeup Application!

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