Regina's Makeup Trial!

Who: Regina
What: Makeup Trial/Engagement Photo Makeup
When: Monday, July 23

You know how you have those days where everything just seems to work out perfectly, even when there are so many other factors that might get in the way? Yep! This was one of those times :)

My friend Regina and I had originally scheduled our Makeup Trial for a Saturday, but she ended up coming on a Monday instead. This worked out for EVERYONE'S schedule, from the future bride and groom, to the photographer taking their engagement photos, to me! Yay!

You may remember Regina from a couple of my previous posts:
60's Mod - 2009

Bridesmaid Updo - 2012

We've always had a lot of fun, and this time was no different... except it was for something much more special :) Regina's getting married!!! Her makeup application this time around would also double up for her engagement photos scheduled for later that day.

Before and After #1
Regina was going for something slightly "Mad Men" with a lighter hand on the eyeliner.

Before and After #2

Eyes open, Eyes closed


Regina has been my guinea pig on multiple occasions, including this time! I had recently purchased my first makeup airbrush kit, and Regina let me use it on her!

This is the airbrush I now use to help apply foundation:

I will eventually blog about the Luminess Air airbrush kit and all its benefits.

Regina, I can't wait to celebrate with you and Eder! You two are awesome!

Photos courtesy Regina

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