Lash Extensions!

Who: Me!
What: Lash Extension Application
When: August 10
Extension Specialist: Melissa Pascua 

Much love to my friend Lissa and her new endeavors in the skincare and beauty industry! Exactly one month ago, I zipped on over to her home studio for a taste of what lash extensions are all about. 

Lash extensions are semi permanent, lasting anywhere from 2-4 weeks. What Lissa would do is help to enhance my natural (stumpy, almost non-existent) lashes. This would be accomplished by attaching synthetic lashes to each of my own real lashes one by one!

I get so ridiculously squeamish when it comes to others working on my eyes. A visit to the optometrist never fails to result in uncontrollable fluttering of eyelids and of course the tears that won't stop flowing. It's embarrassing... I  wasn't quite sure how it would go, but Lissa was so great and put me at ease. She has PATIENCE, steady and gentle hands, and a true care of what she does.

Here's Lissa getting ready to start on my lash extensions. I LOVED the set up. There was music playing in the background, a pleasant scent in the room, and a comfy pillow for me to rest my head on while Lissa worked on my lashes. 

Something that really stuck out at me was how in tune Lissa was with me. I had made a side comment to her over the phone prior to our session how I was going to hate not wearing any eye makeup. (As was necessary in order to get the lashes on). I remember, as I was settling in, she told me she also didn't wear any makeup for our session to make me feel more comfortable. How nice!!! That was one of the gestures she made that just makes me so proud to be her friend.

The tools of the trade :)

Before and After
As you can see, my natural lashes are really short... plus they point downwards! Although you can't tell as much from the after shot, the individual false lashes had their own curl to it, which helped to bring my natural lashes up.

Closed eye before, closed eyes after

We spent a little over 2 hours for this lash extension session. It flew by! The conversation flowed and Lissa made me feel really at ease. Not just with the whole process, but also with being able to catch up and share with one another about what was going on in our lives.

How did the lashes feel? Great! They didn't droop down at all, so I could see just fine. They really were so light that there was no extra weight like the strip lashes I would wear for special occasions. They looked really natural. I had a couple people come up to me afterward saying, "Your lashes are so long!!!" Hahahaha, giggle giggle, chuckle chuckle...little did they know. Just kidding. I ended up telling them they were lash extensions.

Are you looking for lash extensions?!? Contact me for Lissa's info! Or click on her name up at the top for a link to her e-mail address.

One happy Melissa Pascua Lash Specialist client :)

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