Regina's Bridesmaid Updo

Who: Regina
What: Updo
When: Saturday, June 30

The perfect opportunity to practice hair came a couple Saturdays ago when my friend Regina stopped by to get her hair done. She was going to be the maid of honor for her friend's wedding, and needed something a little more special done for her hair.

I remember our conversation on the phone as we were trying to get this set up a couple days prior, "...Um, okay I don't know exactly how it's going to turn out, but I'll make sure it's MORE than just your normal, everyday hair!"

As Regina sat down in the chair, we talked again about what she might want. Because of the length and thickness of her hair, we decided to try an updo.

Here's a side shot of Regina's hair before anything was done to it. Super thick right?!? She's also growing out an A-line bob.

Before and After shot of the back


Back, Top

Side view from different angles

Detailed shot

I'm soooooo glad Regina came in and trusted me with her hair! We had a lot of fun and used a TON of hairspray :) That just might be my new best friend when it comes to doing hair. Haha.

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Jane said...

awesome! venturing beyond just makeup, the whole package!