Grace's Makeup Application [BM]

Who: Grace
When: Saturday, March 24
Where: Pasadena, CA

Grace definitely came with an idea for a makeup look that she wanted. As a makeup artist, this is actually something that is REALLY helpful. It gives me an idea of the style a client likes, along with how dramatic they are willing to go with their own makeup look. She had sent the bride, Valerie, a photo of the makeup look she liked, who then forwarded it to me several weeks before the wedding.

We came up with a look that had a slightly more extreme smokey outer edge compared to the other bridesmaids, but still worked really well with Grace's specific eye shape. 

Before and After

Slowly building up the smokey layers to the outer corners of Grace's eyes

Cleaning up under the eyes

Repeat shot from an earlier blog entry with Grace and Amanda

A behind the scenes shot at the ladies relaxing as hair and makeup are getting done. I can't help but notice how colorful everything is.

Stay tuned for Miranda's makeup application!

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