Amanda's Makeup Application [BM]

Who: Amanda
When: Saturday, March 24
Where: Pasadena, CA

A couple of Saturdays ago, we loaded up into the car and headed down to LA for a friend's wedding. It was a whirlwind trip... fast, quick, super-packed, and most of all, fun :) 

I'll introduce you to the bride, Valerie in a bit. The wedding prep started early in the morning at 6am. Yep! You heard me right, 6am! When Honey and I knocked on her hotel door, I still remember Valerie opening the door in her usual laid back, relaxed manner with a quirky, "Welcome." I had to laugh. Although she would be the last one getting her makeup done, she was still up to help open the door.

With a total of five bridesmaids and a bride needing their makeup done before 11:30am rolled around, we really needed to make sure we started on time. Yay for Amanda! Turns out she didn't get a choice in her time slot, but she had a great attitude. Plus, as Valerie added, she get's up early to surf anyway :)

Before and After
The room was still dark since the sun hadn't quite come up yet. We turned ALL the lights on.

Valerie watching on as Amanda sat in the makeup chair. I love how Valerie had wrapped herself up in blankets.

Adding some more color to Amanda's lids after the false lash application. 

Lining the lips with lipcolor

Blush had just been applied

I had a great time chatting with Amanda and was so amazed to hear about all the wonderful things she's doing for Christ. Amanda, it's so awesome to know how you're connecting your love of surfing to your ministry. The kids must've had such a memorable, and fun experience. Way to go!

Here are some additional shots of Amanda with another bridesmaid, Grace, and Valerie. 

Stay tuned for: Vivian's Makeup Application

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