Anna's Wedding Celebration H&M!

Who: Anna
What: Wedding Hair and Makeup
Where: San Jose Studio

I loved everything about the experience I had meeting Anna and helping her get ready for her special day! What was really amazing is how quickly it all worked out. Wedding celebration was done and over, including her hair and makeup trial, within two and half weeks of her first calling me.

Anna is just a sweetheart and has such an awesome life travel story! As I was listening to how she and her husband met in Europe, got married over there, experienced the world for EIGHT months, and finally relocated to the Bay Area, I just kept on shaking my head with wide eyes, soaking up her adventures and trying to imagine what it must've been like. You can read her blog here!

This special event was a celebration that family from the states could join in on, as well as Anna's family from Germany. I can only imagine what a fun day it must've been! It was so nice to be able to meet Anna's mom and sister that had traveled from afar to enjoy time with Anna, and also be tourists :) On a side note - I got a kick out of hearing conversations going back and forth in German! I loved just listening to all of it... although I had no clue what was being said!


Before and After #1

Before and After #2


We were able to work it out where I'd help with Anna's sisters and Mom's hair. In addition, we also fit in the flawless face airbrush foundation for all three. All they had to do was to complete their makeup looks at home within the timeframe they had.

A great big THANK YOU to Cassie for sending over these gorgeous photos of the event! She really captured the spirit I saw in Anna, and I'm sure of the big party :) Please check out her blog for more photos from the event here.

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