MUA for Western Saloon Photoshoot!

Photo courtesy Robert Eng

What: Bay Area Photography Shoots (Western Saloon Photoshoot)
Where: Santa Clara Studio

This photoshoot happened awhile ago, but I thought it would be a perfect entry to help gear us up for the Halloween festivities! I knew there would be three ladies coming in to get their makeup done for this super fun Western Saloon setup (Great job George!). Since I was short on time, I asked the models to come to the studio with false lashes already applied. Thinking about the Western time period, and the probability of more black and white pictures, I requested the lashes to be the biggest, thickest, longest the models could find. When I applied their MU, I also focused on making the models' features extremely and dramatically bold and defined...almost over the top! Black shapely brows, deep red and full lips. Honestly, in real life, it was a little scary! Scary, but necessary for getting the right look in the photos :)

Model: Amanda N.

Model: Bramani S. aka The Fire Lady!

Model: Callie Sue

Western Saloon Gallery
Photo courtesy Rex Mann

Photo courtesy Rennis Kauffman

Photo courtesy Sandi Allen

Photo courtesy Robert Eng

Photo courtesy Robert Eng

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