Bramani the Fire Lady!

Photo courtesy Ricci's Photo Art

Who: Bramani the Fire Lady
What: Promotional Photos Photo Shoot
Where: Santa Clara Studio
Photographer: George Ricci

How could I NOT get excited when George e-mailed and asked if I'd be interested in being the MUA and doing something he described as "Bramani the fire lady wants me to shoot her while she lights herself on fire..." Yes, please! I'd love to!!!

Bramani is AWESOME. She is just a true artist and so motivated to pursue her belly dancing/circus performing/fire eating passions. Whether that be driving back and forth across the Bay Area to lessons, attending training sessions, performing in shows, putting together costumes, or instructing other newbies, this girl does it all. I loved getting to know Bramani! All of this sounds SO crazy, but she's the most down to earth girl anyone could ever meet. She does all of this in addition to her regular 9 to 5 job as a ...okay honestly, I forgot the details to that, but it's really close to something like a top security tech person for the army/city/state. Basically, a super serious line of work I would have never imagined mixing with FIRE EATING. Check out her FB page to see more of what she does!

Before and After

I knew Bramani would be lighting herself on fire, so I wanted to make sure the makeup I applied would really help her features pop out without going too over the top. The fire really should be the showcase, but I didn't want that to cause her makeup to be dull either. Bramani is used to wearing performers makeup, very theatrical and exaggerated for her shows.We went for enhancing the eye area with bold brows and rimmed eyes all around. We also placed on full, thick lashes and gave a bright lip color.

Once done, George got to work with trying to capture some really cool shots of Bramani and her fire :)
Behind the scenes shot

Whaaaattttt!!?!!? That is crazy!!!


I'm speechless.

I'm so happy I got to meet Bramani :) She's a collection of wonderful extremes all put together in one person! Hopefully one of these days soon, you'll be able to be witness her performances and be WOWED just like I was, even though I only saw a tiny glimpse of what she does.

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