Hong's Makeup Application [BM]

Who: Hong
When: Saturday, July 21
Where: San Francisco

Oh my goodness! Where has the summer gone! I can't believe it's almost been 1 month since Jenny's wedding. This next post will be on Jenny's bridesmaid, and fellow Evergreen Teacher, Hong!!!

Hong was completely calm and relaxed, despite the crazy schedule she has :) She sat down in the makeup chair and we had a lot of fun with creating her look.

Before and After

Starting with primer and an even foundation application

I had just placed Hong's false lashes on her right eye. Waiting for the lash glue to dry is key before opening the eyes. Doing so before it's dry can cause the glue to bump up onto the eyelid and create a dark, unwanted mark that's not easy to take off.

Eyeliner and closed lids
Hong's eyes are HUGE!!! I didn't have to trim any of the lashes to fit to her lash line. 

So cute! Jenny and Mariah giggling and looking on as Hong was getting her makeup done.

Working on Hong's lips

Wishing you the best at K.R. Hong! I will always have a place in my heart for the kids there. I know you'll do great and create some awesome relationships there!

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