Jenny's Wedding Makeup Trial!

Who: Jenny
What: Wedding Makeup Trial
When: Saturday, March 17

It's always a pleasure when I get to do makeup for a fellow teacher. This time was no different when I had the opportunity to work with Jenny! (GO EVERGREEN!) Thanks so much to my friends Kristen and Alison for sending Jenny my way. We had a blast!

Onto the before and afters:
Before and After #1
Red hair, blue eyes, pale skin...what beautiful features to work with! We talked a lot about finding a good balance with the makeup so that Jenny would still look natural, but be wedding and camera ready. One of the first things I concentrated on was Jenny's brows. I wanted to make sure there was a good shape and form that could be picked up by the camera, without overdoing it. I ended up using a pencil to draw in the outer arch of Jenny's brows, then used a very light brown, matte eyeshadow color to even everything out.

Before and After #2
I LOVE Jenny's naturally rosy cheeks and think she's one of the lucky ones who never has to worry about looking like a dead fish :) However, for the wedding's sake, I made sure to even out Jenny's skin tone. Three specific areas I focused on were the cheeks, under the nose, and the chin area. I then went back and blended in a coral colored blush along her cheekbones.

Before and After #3
Oh my gosh!!! Jenny's eyes!!! I love how blue and vibrant they are.

Before and After #4

Before and After #5 
We also talked a bit about finding someone's camera angle. For Jenny's case, shifting her head slightly to the right while keeping her eyes on the camera gave a really good angle that showed off her features really well.

Other shots:

Jenny looks alive, and happy, and beautiful! Love the hair, the bright eyes, and the lipcolor.

Speaking of hair, I did a bit of research before Jenny came in, knowing she had red hair. For you redheads out there, here's a couple links worth checking out:

The happy couple :)
Jenny, it was so wonderful having you over to get your makeup done, and James, it was a pleasure meeting you! You two are really cute together. Happy planning and looking forward to working with you on your special day :)


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