Mariah's Makeup Application [BM]

Who: Mariah
When: Saturday, July 21
Where: San Francisco

Working with Mariah was a hoot! We had a blast, and it was so neat hearing about how she and Jenny grew up together. Childhood friendships that last from elementary school to standing by each other on that special day are such a treasure!

Before and After

Prepping the eyes is a really important step for helping the eye makeup last the whole day. I use Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion to help with that. I like this product because I also have very oily eyelids. If I don't apply this product on prior to my eye makeup, it'll be guaranteed that my makeup will lose it's color and move around throughout the day. Looking in the mirror afterwards has that "eek!" effect. That is NOT fun!

I went for a smokey purple for Mariah to match the color of her bridesmaid dress. What was bizarre was how much Mariah's eyes reminded me of my cousin's eyes! When I mentioned how my cousin was half Chinese - half Caucasian, Mariah nodded with a knowing smile and told me she was half Indonesian! That was a cool ah-ha moment.

Adding blush and staining the lips

Eyes open, eyes closed
Mariah opted for no false lashes. I'm so glad she had lashes I could work with though!

Mariah, thanks for sitting in my makeup chair! What did your girls think? :)
Hopefully your trip to visit family after the wedding was a fun one!

Stay tuned for: Hong's Makeup Application [BM]

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