Erica's Makeup Application [Best wo"Man"]

Who: Erica
When: Saturday, July 21
Where: San Francisco, CA

This past Saturday morning was spent with Jenny and her fabulous wedding party! It was great meeting everyone and finding out that all of the ladies in Jenny's entourage were educators... go teachers! These always make for fun conversations.

I started with Erica first, who was actually the Best Man (sister of the groom) - how cool is that?!?

Before and After

Before I started on Erica's eyes, I made sure to even out her skin tone. I also added a bit of blush on her cheeks first to help me balance out the eye makeup colors I would use on her.

False lashes added, lining the lower lids

We had a lot of fun figuring out the lighting since we had started so early in the morning. It was SO NICE to be able to see what I was doing!!! Erica was a good sport about it :)

Erica brought her own false lashes, which I was able to apply for her. As for the color scheme, we went for a gold/champagne look, matched with coral blush to help accentuate her skin tone. I also kept in mind that she would be wearing a black dress.

Well that was fun! Erica, I hope you have a wonderful start of the school year and are able to enjoy your little one at the same time!

Stay tuned for: Mariah's Makeup Application [BM]

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