Connie's Makeup Trial!

Who: Connie
What: Wedding Makeup Trial
When: Saturday, March 11

We had a lot of fun this past Saturday! Connie came in for her wedding makeup trial feeling nervous and anxious, and left with a big smile :) Praise God!

Thanks to Mags who made it over to work on Connie's hair. Connie first showed her some photos of hairstyles she liked. Margaret was able to work out the look two different ways.

Margaret hard at work

 Style #1: Side ponytail into smaller curls

Style #2: Side ponytail into bigger curls
Connie will be using a bigger flower in her hair on the actual wedding day. We just used what we had to give an idea of what it would look like.

Once the hair was done, we moved onto creating a wedding day makeup look. Connie was able to show me some photos of looks she liked. Here's what we came up with!

Before and After #1

Before and After #2

Before and After #3
So darling!!!

Before and After #4
(Too bad the light was fading by the time we were finishing up,  can you tell that the hall light is on?)

Other shots:

Eyes open, eyes closed

Outdoor shots:

Smile with teeth and without
(Good idea for you brides out there to practice both ways to see which is more natural and comfortable for you)

What was so funny about this trial was that Connie had forgotten to wear her contacts. We ended up taking photos of her makeup, she could then put her glasses on and look at the camera screen to see how the makeup was progressing!

I couldn't resist taking this one last shot. We were all done with the makeup and were discussing all the details of scheduling for her wedding day. As she was thinking, Connie would look off to the side and her eyes would just POP open :)

Looking forward to celebrating your special day with you and Simon!

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