Kevin and Kristen's Wedding

My First Wedding Contract
It all started several months ago when Kristen, my wonderful friend and colleague, asked me if I'd be interested to be the makeup artist for her bridesmaids. "Yes!" I said, "I'd love to!" Which was so true and so frightening at the same time. I had been sharing with her my interest in getting into the makeup artistry profession, and here she was, giving me the perfect opportunity to step into it. Yay! Thank you Kristen!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

8:00 am - Drive to wedding location in Sebastopol, CA

10:00 am - Arrive at
Vine Hill House and set up

10:30 am - Start working on 5 bridesmaids (Get ready for some action shots)




"Holy Toledo Batman! We made it!"

1:30 pm - Finished the final bridesmaid

2:00 pm - Celebrate a completed job with great support from Honey

2:30 pm - Get changed and join the fun!

The bridesmaids with the beautiful and glowing bride, Kristen!


Well, I had so much fun making up the girls and experiencing all there there is to creating looks that fit and matched with what the bride wanted, as well as what the bridesmaids were comfortable with. The biggest aim I had going in was to make sure everyone was happy with the makeup, and felt beautiful ...and it happened! This was definitely a good learning opportunity and I can't wait to do more!

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Anonymous said...

Good job. All the bridesmaids looked brilliant and yet natural.

Your great supporter,

Vu said...

Great job Joanne! You're movin' on up. Here's another makeup artist you might wanna look at. Maria Chang of PMA artistry is as popular as Taylor and she has good trial pics:



Anonymous said...

Thanks Joanne for your hard work and professionalism. The girls looked so beautiful & natural. Hope you & Alex had fun at the wedding! You are a gifted artist.
Warm regards, Kathy
(Mother of bride, Kristen)

william said...

Fun Fun Fun.
Looks like everyone enjoyed the experience. The transforming "before and after" pictures were delightful.

Great job.