Cindy's Wedding!

What: Cindy's Wedding Makeup Application
When: June 5, 2010
Where: Fremont, CA

A couple of Saturday's ago, Honey and I drove to Cindy's home in Fremont to help her prep for her special day. We ended up meeting at just the right timing as she drove up from getting her hair done! Cindy was calm, happy, cheerful, and waaay cool with us doing the makeup outdoors. Yay!

Before and After

A few action shots:

Trimming the false lashes

The "Don't move, it's like a permanent marker..." part.

Concealer time

Blush for that healthy glow

Powdering to set makeup

Starting to get warmer :)


I love how Cindy's face lights up whenever she smiles and laughs :)

See what I mean?

Cindy, what a wonderful time we had spending with you in getting ready for your special day :) I wish you and Derek a blessed marriage with lots of laughter and growing!