Jane's Makeup Application [Bridesmaid]

Who: Jane
When: Saturday, June 19
Where: Sunnyvale

So it turned out to be another 2 wedding Saturday for Honey and I! After we packed up at Jenn's SF location, we headed on down to Sunnyvale for Anna's wedding. What's neat is we even had some time before we needed to be at our next location and had a chance to stop by for some yummy McDonald's breakfast! Yay!

Heading to do the makeup applications for Anna and her bridesmaids was actually much easier since I had already seen them beforehand for a fun makeup trial. I was more familiar with all their facial features and was able to tweak a few techniques to better suit their looks for the day. Generally speaking, the more opportunities I have to work with a client, the better the makeup application will be :)

Here's Jane! I absolutely enjoyed working with her and would hope to have another opportunity again ;) So sweet and open, PLUS she let me have so much freedom with what I did with her look...super-awesome!

Before and After #1

Before and After #2 (Ooh look, my hand looks scary)

Action Shots:

Plenty of natural light...the BEST for makeup applications.
(And yes! That's Margaret working on Anna's hair. She did a great job!)

False lashes are THE best!

Applying Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner

Mags prepping Jane's hair. So Cute! Jane seriously could've gone out with the curls still rolled up.

The eyeshadow colors (copper and plum) that were used on the bridesmaids were such an amazing match with the dresses.

Thanks Jane! I hope we'll get the chance to see each other again :)


Look for the next post coming up soon: Anna's Wedding!

* And thanks Honey, for taking some great shots :)

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pinky said...

Everyone complimented on how good it looked! I love falsies, I wish I can wear them everyday. Jo knows what looks good. She matched the colors so well with the dress the bride picked for us to wear. She listened to our feedback from the trial and made it happen! I love how she did the eye makeup to be dramatic but still subtle in a way. Jo is awesome!