Esther's Wedding Hair & Makeup!

Photo courtesy Andre Photographique

Who: Esther
What: Esther's Wedding Hair & Makeup
Where: Mariott Pleasanton
Photographer: Andre Photographique
Videographer: Cecil

I met up with Esther early in the morning for her hair and makeup prep, and boy, she was so calm and relaxed! It was great to spend that one on one time in the beginning to get Esther started with her special day, but also wonderful to see and experience the happiness and business of it all as more and more people started coming into the room to get ready themselves and support our bride :)

I was on my own this time, so I didn't get a chance to get too many shots. Here's a few with my iphone. Thanks also to Esther's BM, Hannah, for taking some photos and sending them my way!



Yes, so we DID change Esther's hairstyle from the original updo created during the trial. The half up/down look was something Esther felt more like herself in. I'm so glad she requested the change and we were able to create another look that she felt happier and more comfortable with! 
Wedding day look compared to Trial updo

Gorgeous dresses!

Photo courtesy Andre Photographique

It was great meeting Cecil during Esther's morning prep! Super friendly and approachable, he was there to film the wedding day as it unfolded. So, as it turns out Cecil is in his words, "only a hobbyist"... but STILL this video captures such wonderfully sweet and happy memories! If you're looking for an affordable option for capturing those special wow moments, get in touch with Cecil :)

Look at these amazing photos! Andre was fun, outgoing, and definitely knew what he was doing as a photographer. Click here to see some more of Andre's work.

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